How to Hide WordPress Username in Author URL

This tutorial will be showing you how to hide your WordPress username. It is common to see the author’s nickname in a WordPress post. When we click the author nickname, WordPress will show us all articles published by that author. But this will also leak the username of that author in the URL.

To protect your WordPress site as much as possible, you should not let others know your username in WordPress database. We can accomplish that by changing the author URL. Instead of showing the username in author URL, we can make WordPress show the nickname instead.

hide wordpress username in author url

Log into your WordPress database, and check user information with the following MySQL query.

select * from wp_users;

We can see the username (user_login) and nickname (user_nicename). By default, the username and nickname are the same. We can change the nickname with the following MySQL statement.

update wp_users set user_nicename ='your_preferred_nickname';

That’s all folks.

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