Search Engine vs Search Directory

Search Engine and Search Directory

Search site is the site where you search information. It includes both search engine and search directory.

Search engines, aka search indexes are the predominant types of search site.

Search directory, aka web directory or link directory or simply directory, contains information about websites rather than web pages. In other words, a search directory is directory of websites and nothing more.

The other difference is that search engines use spiders or bots to download and index pages on the websites whereas search directories are edited by humans. Site owners submit their websites to search directories, providing a title, description and category. And a human that works for the search directory decide whether or not the site can be included in the directory.

The most important search directory is the Open Directory Project ( There used to be another search directory called the Yahoo Directory. However, it’s defunct as of December 31st 2014.

Having your site listed in DMOZ is a great thing, as you can get backlinks. Besides, this directory feeds data to hundreds of search sites, including Google.

There’s other term called search system, which is how search sites provide results to users. For example, Google and Bing has their own search system. But Yahoo and AOL don’t. Yahoo and AOL search results are provided by Bing search system.

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