6 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Make Webpages Search Engine-Friendly

Here are 6 mistakes you can avoid to make your web pages search engine-friendly.

Mistake #1: Using Frames

Frames hurt web page indexability, because they create two or more separate pages. Search engines also treat them as separate pages. You should avoid frames whenever possible.

To find out if your site is using frames, right click on your web page and select view page source. Then press CTRL+F and search for “frame” in the source.

If you are using a modern content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, then your site doesn’t contain frames.

Mistake #2: Title Tags

Each page of your site should have one and only one set of title tags (<title></title>).

Have 40 to 60 characters between the <title> and </title> tags. You also want to make sure your title tags contain the right keyword and if possible, repeat the primary keyword once.

Mistake #3: Descriptions Tag

A standard description tag look like the following:

<meta name="description" content=" your description">

Don’t switch places between name and content attribute. It may cause a problem for search engines.

Mistake #4: Having Little Content

This is often a problem for e-commerce sites, which mostly contains products for selling. Search engines have a bias for text content.

Mistake #5: Using Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an old, outdated technology. It’s insecure and consumes a lot of resources on visitor’s computer.

Steve Jobs banned Flash on Apple devices back in 2011. Google Chrome is planning to kill Adobe Flash and replace it with HTML5 which is now the hot topic in web development.

Mistake #6: No Keywords in Link Text

How many times have you seen click here links? The fact of the matter is those link texts don’t tell search engines what’s that page is all about.

Make sure all internal links contains keywords that tell search engines what exactly that page is about.

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