DMOZ Submission – Submit your Website to the Open Directory Project

DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory Project, is a human-edited web directory. DMOZ Submission can help with your site’s SEO.

Unlike search engines which index web pages, a web directory is a directory of websites rather than web pages. It contains information about the topic or category of websites, the title of home page and a description about the site and nothing more.

There are tons of free web directories out there, but DMOZ is the most significant web directory these days.

A Little Bit of History

DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) was originally founded by Rich Skrenta and Bob Truel in 1998. In October 1998, it was acquired by Netscape and is the URL for DMOZ. Shortly afterwards Netscape was acquired by AOL.

And so DMOZ is now owned by AOL. However, it’s maintained by a world-wide community. Volunteer editors decided whether or not a website can get listed in DMOZ.

Why is DMOZ Submission Good for SEO?

Many search engines use DMOZ data such as AOL Search, Google, Yahoo Search.

It’s important to know that Google also used DMOZ as the base of its own directory ( But in 2011, Google gave up on its own dirctory.

Although it’s not as important as it once was several years ago, getting listed in DMOZ is still great from SEO perspective.

  • Your get a link from a high quality website ( and you don’t need to link back to it (reciprocal link). It’s a one-way inbound link.
  • DMOZ is still a valuable site in the eyes of Google. To get listed in DMOZ, a website must be of high quality and so Google put more trust on those sites that are listed in DMOZ.
  • You are not getting just one link from DMOZ, you are actually getting many links from DMOZ partner sites.

DMOZ submission – Things to Consider

  • Does your site look good and responsive on all devices and platforms?
  • If your site is a blog, do you write new articles often?
  • Does your site have broken pages or links?

How to Submit Your Site

Step 1

Head over to Find a category that is best suited for your website. If you don’t know which category is best, type your competition’s website in the search field and see which category they are in.

If you site is about a generic topic, you probably want to select a more generic category. If you site is about a specific niche, you want to select a more specific category.

You can see if a category has got an editor or not at the bottom of each category. You need to make sure that there’s an editor responsible for your selected category, or you run the risk of not being listed at all.


Step 2

Once you find a category, click the suggest a site for this category icon. Then Carefully follow the instructions on the suggestion form.


  • It may take a long time for your site to get accepted, depending on editors’ activity.
  • Sometimes you may not get accepted at all. You need to improve your site’s quality so that your site has a higher chance to get listed.
  • DMOZ is not a commercial directory and doesn’t have an express submit service. However, following the submission guidelines carefully and reviewing the editorial policies can get your site reviewed sooner.
  • You can suggest your site to only one category.
  • You can submit a site only once. It’s against DMOZ policy to submit a site multiple times.
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