Construction of Search Results Page

Construction of Search Results Page

Search results is a combination of different things.

The two most important search results are organic search results (aka, natural search results) and PPC search results.

SEO is about ranking well in organic search results. SEO and PPC are two types of search engine marketing.  A search results page typically contains 10 organic results.

There are two common types of PPC ads on Google search results page:

  • Text ads, from Google Adwords
  • Image Ads, from Google Product Listing Ads.

Other types of search results

Local results is a relatively new type of results and are important for businesses that serve a particular geographic area.

Shopping results is important for e-commerce sites.

New results. Publisher have to apply to be included in the News results. (

Social Results. Google is personalize your search results based on your Google+ relationships. If you are searching Google while logged into your Google account, you may see personal results from your Google+ friends.

In other words, if you have more Google+ follower, then more follower will see your Google+ post in Google search results.

There might be other form of data displayed in search results page like a start rating beneath the title that utilize Google rich snippet.

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