How to Use Keywords in Your Post to Improve On-Page SEO

You found a good keyword. But how do you put the keyword in your post? Where in the post should you put it? This tutorial explains how to use keywords in your post to improve on-page SEO.

Understanding the Importance of Keywords

When you use a search engine, you type in a word or words and click the Search button. The search engine then looks in its index for those words.

Suppose that typed installing Linux. Generally speaking, the search engine looks for

  • Pages that contain the exact phrase installing Linux.
  • Pages that don’t have the phrase installing Linux but do have the words installing and Linux in close proximity.
  • Pages that have the words installing and Linux somewhere, though not necessarily close together.
  • Pages with word stems; for instance, pages with the word install and the word Linux somewhere in the page.
  • Pages with synonyms, such as set up.
  • Pages that have links pointing to them, in which the link text contains the phrase installing Linux.
  • Pages with links pointing to them with the link text containing the words installing and Linux, although not together.

The exact phrase should take up 1%~2% of the total words of your post. Each word of the phrase should also appear in your post. Sometimes you can use synonyms and word stems if the keyword density is a little low.

Where in the Post Should Your Keyword Appear?

When considering ranking order, the search engine considers whether the keyword or phrase is in

  • Bold text
  • Italicized text
  • Bulleted lists
  • Text larger then other text on the page
  • Heading text (<H> tags)
  • Image alt tags

If a specific keyword or keyword phrase doesn’t appear in your pages (or in links pointing to your pages), your site will not appear when someone enters those keywords into the search engines.

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