14 Tips for Getting Adsense Approval in 2018

Tips for Getting Adsense Approval

Many webmasters have a hard time getting Adsense Approval. If you are rejected by Adsense, don’t lose hope. Here are 14 tips I listed for getting Adsense Approval.

1. Good Web Design

The first thing we have to take care of is good-looking web design. It’s really important. Don’t install too many not-so-important widgets that does not add value to your visitors on your site because that make your site looks cluttered.

If you have money you can buy premium WordPress theme which most of the time looks really professional. It’s a good idea to install a responsive theme or template on your website and make sure your site looks good on all platforms, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

2. Quality Original Content

Second, write quality content and have at least 20 posts on your site. You should write original content. Don’t copy content from other websites. If you insert image into your post, you can find royalty free images on the web. But don’t copy images from Google images search because that means you are copying images from other websites or blogs.

A good site for royalty free image is pixabay. I search for pictures on pixabay for most of my featured images of post. Many many images on pixabay are public domain which can be used for commercial purpose and requires no attribution.

Your site shouldn’t contain adult content or include sexual terms in the URL as it violates Adsense policy. Also make sure your pages don’t have links to other websites that violate copyright or contain adult content.

If your website is community driven and most content is user-generated, you are allowed to monetize your website with Adsense. But you need to monitor what your users are posting on your site. You should prohibit your users from publishing copyright violating content or adult content.

3. Domain Specific Email Address

Third, if you have your domain specific email address such as webmaster@seostepbysteplab.com, use this email address instead of Gmail to apply for Adsense as it makes you look more professional.

4. No Other Ads

Don’t put other ads on your site before approval. And don’t put up a page or button that says please donate. You are going to make money from Adsense, right? So don’t make a donate button on your website.

5. Don’t Worry About Domain Age

Although Google requires webmasters in some country to have owned their domain for at least 6 months, but it’s not enforced by Google very strictly. The most important thing is making your website look as professional as possible.

6. Up and Running

Make sure your website is up and running during the review process. If Google specialist can’t find your website, they will reject your application.

A while ago I was applying Adsense for my site. And for some administrative reason I had to stopped my web server and people couldn’t visit my site. This was detected by Google. About 2 minutes After I stopped my web server, Google sent an email to me saying I was rejected and I had to reapply. So make sure your website is always running during review process!

7. Domain Whois Info

Make sure your domain whois information such as email address, physical address, telephone number etc. are the same with the information you provide when applying Adsense.  There are three IDs in whois info: Registry registrants ID, Registry Admin ID and Registry Tech ID. The information in these three IDs should be the same with your Adsense contact information.

I once found all my whois info is completely different from my Adsense contact information because I moved to another city and changed my phone number and I forgot to update my domain name info. Once you update your domain name info, you will see your changes immediately when you check your whois info. And also don’t forget to verify your new email address when your update your email info.

8. Important Pages

Be sure to create the following pages before applying Adsense.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

In About Us and Contact Us page, write your name, email address, phone number and physical address. You can also insert a picture of you if possible. These pages tell Google that your site is trustworthy. It also helps with your site’s ranking in search results. Sometimes you may want to change your site’s theme and these pages could be gone depending on what theme you are using. You will need to add these pages back to your site as soon as possible.

9. Improve Site Speed

A fast website gives Google specialist a very good first impression as it represent your professionalism. A fast website will also likely to attract more visitors and thereby increase the chance of clicking Adsense ads by visitors. Head over to Google PageSpeed Insights to see your website problem. You can find what is slowing down your website. Also you can see your website’s user experience score. Make sure you get 100 score on user experience. Maybe your site has viewport problem or tap targets too small problem.

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10. Install a SSL Certificate on Your Site

A SSL certificate identifies who own this website. It shows you are really seriously about your site and also provides a secure environment for visitors. If you use VPS or dedicated server then you can easily obtain a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If you are on shared hosting plan, you can get a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare which won’t take much time to set up.

11. Blank Pages or Broken Links

It’s important to have content on every page and every category on your site. If your page or category does not have content yet, remove it or add content before applying.

Make sure your site does not have broken links or 404 pages. You can install a plugin called broken link checker to see if your WordPress site has broken links. This helps improve user experience. After I installed it I found my site has 22 broken links!

12. Keep Your Website Updated Daily

During the review process, you should write at least one articles per day. Your articles should be more than 1000 words.

13. Be Patient

You may be rejected several times by Google. Please be patient. If you are rejected and resubmit your application immediately, you would almost certainly be rejected again! Because Google would think you are a spammer. So wait a week and improve your site and then properly resubmit your application.

Although Google will not provide the specific reason, you should read the reason why you are rejected carefully. Maybe this time Google give three reasons. You improved your site and next time Google might give you two reasons.

 14. Adsense Help Center

Google has a page for Adsense helps and it’s continually being updated. So I recommend you to check it once in a while.

Please apply these 14 tips as strictly as possible. Don’t ever think you can trick Google. Google is smarter than you think. I was rejected three times and the fourth time I got approved. I hope you all will get approved. Once you’ve been approved for AdSense, you can place AdSense code on your other sites that complies with Adsense program policies. There’s no need for you to submit a new application for your new site. And also don’t forget to read the adsense policy beginner’s guide.

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