How to Resubmit Adsense Application From Start to Finish

It’s not a very long process. There’re a few things you need to know that I’m going to make you aware of before we start.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • In order for you to get paid anything, you have to meet the threshhold of 100 dollars. So if your ads revenue does not accumulate 100 dollars, you will not get paid that month.
  • You get paid the month after you make the money. So if your ads make 200 dollars in November, you will not get that 200 dollars until December.
  • In some locations, including China and India, Google also require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. It may not be exactly 6 months, some people in China owned their website for only 2 months but successfully applied an adsense account.

There’re a few more things that I want to tell you as we go forward, but I did want to address those before we get started.

Resubmit Adsense Application

If your adsense application was rejected and now you want to resubmit application, then follow the below steps.

Go to Click the sign up botton. Then you will see the following. Click the Sign In botton to sign in with your Gmail account. If you have a domain-specific email address such as, I suggest you use that to sign up for your AdSense account.  Otherwise, use your existing gmail address. A lot of people enjoyed great success using domain-specific email address.


Since you applied for Adsense account before, you will see the following. choose Log in with current account.

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You will see a welcome message. Enter your website URL and choose your website language, then click Continue botton.


In the next page, you need to enter your contact information. You’ve got to make sure you only enter correct information. A lot of this is for tax purposes and things like that. So make sure you get this right. It’s very easy for people in United States, Canada and United Kingdom.


There is one thing you need to take care of and that is the payee name. Your name should match how it is entered on your banking information. You must be able to receive checks made payable to the name on your AdSense application.  This is what Google says about payee name.

But for people in other countries such as China, this can be confusing. For example, My name is Xiao Guoan in Chinese Pinyin. My family name is Xiao and it appears first which is chinese tradition and My name on my bank account is Xiao Guoan. But Google suggests entering given name first and family name at the end which confuses me.

The bottom line is your payee name entered in adsense application should be the same with your banking information.

After you fill out all your contact information, click the resubmit button. You will see a welcome message. click Place the ad code button.


A window will pop up which contains your ad code. Copy this ad code, place it on your website. Because you have created ad unit before, so this time you don’t have to create another one.


How to Implement Adsense Ad Code on WordPress site

If you have a WordPress site, then it’s very easy for you to implement adsense ad code to your site. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. Then grab a text widget to your siderbar and paste the ad code into the text widget. After that click save botton. That’s it! That’s how easy it is.

Verify Ad Code is properly Implemented on Your Site

Once you have done the previous step, you should see a blank area in your siderbar.  You can also verify you ad code by right clicking on a blank area of your web page, select view source or view page source, then search adsbygoogle. If you can find it like the screenshot below, then ad code is properly implemented on your website.


Now just wait for Google’s specialist to review your application. If you are interested in increasing your chance of getting adsense approval, then see my post about tips for getting adsense approval.

Verify Your Address

After you make 10 dollars, Google will send you an PIN number (Personal Indentification Number) to your address specified in your contact information. After receiving the PIN number you need to enter it in your Google Adsense account. This helps Google to verify your address.

Check out this article to see what to do when you can’t receive AdSense PIN.

If you have multiple websites, once you set up your adsense account for one of your websites, you can add more websites into the same adsense account. So you can link all your websites with one adsense account. You don’t need to set up individual adsense account for each website which is very good.

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