What to Do When You Can’t Receive Adsense PIN

What is AdSense PIN?

After your AdSense application is approved by Google AdSense team and your AdSense earnings are above 10 USD, Google will automatically mail a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to your physical address, which you have provided to Google when applying AdSense.

This PIN is used to verify your address. Once it’s verified, you account is fully approved by Google and you can set your payment method and withdraw money once your earning are above 100 USD.

This PIN, however, can be lost during transportation, which is quite common to non-US AdSense publishers. You can request resending PIN but it’s not likely to help. If you failed to verify your address within 3 months after the first PIN is sent, you AdSense ads will stop displaying on your website or blog. Don’t worry, you earnings are still there and Google won’t take it from you.

Here’s a trick to get fast verification

Go to google.com/adsense, login with your AdSense account. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner. Then select Account > Account Information > Verify Address.

You should request a new PIN as early as possible. After the 3rd PIN is mailed, you will see a link at the bottom of this page that you can use to apply for manual verification.


Clicking that link will take you to the following page.


You need to enter:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your AdSense publisher ID.

You also need to upload your government issued ID card, bank statement or telephone bill or any other documents that displays your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account. Uploading multiple documents is also allowed.

It is recommended to submit this form after 30 days have passed since your 3rd PIN is mailed. Normally you will receive reply within 24 hours after the form is submitted. In fact, I was approved within 10 minutes!


  • Upload both the front and rear screenshot of your documents.
  • The document should be clear enough for Google AdSense team to verify your address.
  • You can also change your physical address in AdSense before submitting this form. Simply click the gear icon, then select payments > Payee profile to update your address.

After the manual verification is successful, you should set your payment method.

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